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June 2021 | Territory

Sunsets of Romagna: where to be at for this magical hour with a glass of wine in hand

The sun setting in Romagna is really something to behold

Sweet, jeering, vaguely melancholic: one of Secondo Casadei's most famous waltzes is an ode to sunset, a captivating sight and a breathtaking experience for those who marvel at it. In Romagna, where the sun rises from the waving arms of the Adriatic Sea, sunsets are a magical experience: the sun’s last rays of gold illuminate hills and villages, vineyards and fields. Today, we want to show you three spellbinding places where you can enjoy the sunset, delving into the sounds and silence, possibly with a glass of wine.

Pialassa della Baiona: a reflection of the night

A natural area stretching for 1,100 hectares among canals, water basins and sandbars, this is an aquatic paradise teeming with wildlife. Pialassa della Baiona is part of the Parco Regionale del Delta del Po, located about 10 kilometers from Ravenna.

When the day ends and the sun begins to light up the clouds and ignite the sky, the Pialassa turns into a natural mirror that reflects the radiant beauty of the sunset. Move on foot, by bike or by boat to find the perfect spot where you can enjoy this spectacle: be captivated by the sudden flight of birds or be dazzled by the peaceful calm of the waters.

A tip to make the evening even more magical: head back to Ravenna and indulge yourself in the authentic and elegant Cà de Vén, in Via Corrado Ricci 24. Among frescoed vaults and timelessly stunning rooms, toast to the spectacular sunset with an excellent glass of Romagna Sangiovese DOC. Cheers!

Bertinoro: admiring Romagna from above

City of wine, slow living, good food and hospitality. We are talking about Bertinoro, a Medieval masterpiece nestled on top of Mount Cesubeo, a few kilometers from the Via Emilia.

If, as Henry IV of France said, “Paris is worth a mass”, then Bertinoro deserves an entire day to see all of its main sights and taste Romagna Albana DOCG or Romagna Pagadebit DOC at Cà de Bè, which literally means “House of Wine.

From the terrace of this historic restaurant in Piazza della Libertà, it’s easy to see why Bertinoro is known as the “Balcony of Romagna”. With a glass of excellent Romagna wine in hand, chosen from over 400 labels on the list, let the events of the day sink in while marveling at the immense and illuminated sunset, a spectacle so magnificent even time seems to stand still. It will definitely be worth it.

Petrella Guidi: a seat to see infinity

Starting from Rimini, a city sung by De André, and following the course of the Marecchia River, you will find the lovely Santarcangelo di Romagna, guarding the entrance to Valmarecchia. Sunny beaches and the flat horizon of the Adriatic Sea are now far behind: beach umbrellas and chairs leave room for the plush and luxuriant nature, dotted by strongholds and imposing fortresses.

Every sunset in this part of Montefeltro is nothing short of unforgettable, but we want to recommend a cinematic one. Going up the valley you will reach Petrella Guidi, an enchanting village where time seems to have turned into the stones of the houses. At the foot of the tower overlooking the town, there’s a bench where Fellini and his wife Giulietta loved to sit and gaze at the sunset that washes over Valmarecchia at dusk. Trust us, this is the place to be to see the ending credits of the day roll.