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July 2022 | Territory

Appointments in Romagna, the best events of July

Arrived in the heart of summer, Romagna continues to be a highly attractive pole for culture and musical events.

In July, Marina di Ravenna hosts one of the most pop events of the summer: the Jova Beach Party, the traveling concert by Lorenzo Cherubini - aka Jovanotti - which in recent years has proved to be one of the most incredible beach parties of the Italian summer .

During the month of July, the busy program of Santarcangelo dei Teatri also unfolds, one of the most important theatrical events of the year, with hundreds of artists and shows from all over the world. The appointments of the Emilia Romagna Festival also continue with Forlì Grande Musica, a traveling music festival that brings the best of classical music to the city of the Sforza.

Here are the main events.

Jova Beach Party
8 - 9 July 2022

Marina di Ravenna hosts the most spectacular beach party of the summer. The Jova Beach Party - called the "Italian Woodstock" - lands in Romagna with two unmissable events. Two days with the music of the Jova in which over 80,000 people are expected for an immersive experience in the landscape of the Ravenna coast and in music. The party will start at 3pm and end around midnight, offering attendees around 9 hours of non-stop fun. Not one but three different stages on which a long list of national and international guests will rise whose exact names have not been revealed to keep the surprise. The Jova Beach Party is not a concert planned down to the smallest detail, but a festive event in which anything can happen.


Sant’Arcangelo dei Teatri
8 – 17 luglio 2022

Santarcangelo di Romagna hosts the oldest Italian festival dedicated to the arts of the contemporary scene, one of the most significant European events in the field of theater and dance. Born in 1971, Santarcangelo dei Teatri was conceived as a point of union between the international scene and the square, the dream dimension and public spaces. In fact, the shows are held largely outdoors, in the streets of the center, in ten days of intense meetings with artists, performers and dancers from all over the world. The Santarcangelo dei Teatri events often offer a very innovative program and reveal to the Italian public some of the most interesting shows on the contemporary scene. A must for theater lovers and for those who really want to be amazed by participating in a community event that shakes and deeply involves an entire town.


Forlì Grande Musica
8 luglio – 7 settembre 2022

As part of the rich program of the Emilia Romagna Festival, Forlì Grande Musica will involve the city from July to September. From Paolo Fresu to Maurizio Baglini, from Vincente Campos to Gabriele Prokofiev, the great exponents of contemporary classical music will be on the stage of Forlì Grande Musica, with interesting excursions into author electronics. An exceptional itinerant program, which will involve and animate various locations in the city of Caterina Sforza.