Viaggio di benessere, alla scoperta delle Terme di Romagna | Consorzio Vini di Romagna
August 2023 | Territory

Wellness trip, to discover the Terme di Romagna

A perfect package: food and wine, landscapes, art, culture…and relaxation! Not everyone knows it, but Romagna is a land with a centuries-old thermal tradition: during the period of the Roman Empire, this area was known as "Ager Termalis" due to the numerous thermal springs present in the area.

Mosaico di Vita | Consorzio Vini di Romagna

The thermal baths of Romagna were much appreciated by the Romans not only for enjoying moments of leisure and well-being, but also for the curative properties of their waters, useful for relieving dermatological, osteo-articular and respiratory disorders. With the arrival of the medieval period, the importance of the baths diminished, but they still remained frequented by pilgrims and travelers in search of cures and relief. During the Renaissance, the Romagna spas were once again in vogue; today, a trip to Romagna cannot do without - for those who love relaxation - a visit to one of the many spa resorts in the area, now equipped with cutting-edge facilities.

So, travelers or hikers…after so much exploring, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the regenerating pampering of the places on this itinerary: in Romagna, history comes to life through every drop of thermal water and every healing touch!

Discover our itinerary among the thermal baths of Romagna