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May 2022 | Wine

Romagna Trebbiano Doc, explained easily

Trebbiano is a vine that expresses its aromatic profile with discretion, capable of giving fresh and immediate wines, delicately scented, with a good acid structure and a good mineral vein.

In Romagna, it covers half of the areas planted with vineyards, most of it in the province of Ravenna, and is appreciated for its vigor and resistance to fungal attacks. It is protected by the "Romagna Trebbiano" Designation of Origin which recognizes its historicity and vocation, allowing three different types of vinification: still, sparkling and sparkling.

The Trebbiano family is large, it could be defined as "extended". In fact, there are many Trebbiano biotypes in as many Italian regions (Tuscany, Abruzzo, Lazio ...) which, over the centuries, have differentiated according to the terroir of cultivation.

In Romagna Trebbiano Romagnolo prevailed, which is precisely the variety allowed by the disciplinary for winemaking, a distinctive sign of its identity. Characteristic of Trebbiano Romagnolo is its excellent acidity (which for non-experts means "freshness"): it is a generous vine, which, if vinified with passion and attention, gives very pleasant and delicate wines, perfect for every occasion, especially when the warm season arrives.

Wandering around the Romagna countryside and talking to old farmers, you can easily discover the love for Trebbiano. It is in fact a very generous vine, which has always allowed abundant harvests - especially when the quantity of grapes could make a difference on the domestic economy (it is even thought that, in ancient times, it had become the wine of the legionaries thanks to the abundant yields it ensured) . Due to its ductility, Trebbiano was used, for example, for the distillation of Brandy, a bit like Ugni Blanc (also a relative of Trebbiano) does today within the Cognac production chain.

Today, quality is preferred to quantity, the winemakers of Romagna know very well how to moderate the yields of the “generous” Trebbiano and obtain an excellent wine, an expression of its territory and a hymn to the pleasure of drinking. Thus we are witnessing a slow and gradual rebirth of Romagna Trebbiano Doc, especially in its Spumante version.

Romagna Trebbiano is undoubtedly the natural protagonist of an easy and convivial drink, very fresh in summer, suitable to accompany aperitifs and fish dishes. Even on its own, just taken out of the fridge, it lends itself to a refreshing break. You can easily choose it for 100% Made in Romagna aperitifs based on piadina, salami, squacquerone or other fresh cheeses.

The olfactory picture of Romagna Trebbiano Doc is very delicate, harmonious, well balanced with the mouth which, as we said earlier, has a wonderful acidity, ready to invite a new sip. It is a not very full-bodied and not very structured wine, which acquires structure and body in hilly crops. In short, a denomination to share with friends, on any occasion, because its fresh and vibrant notes never tire ... and make you want another glass!

A curiosity

The must of Trebbiano Romagnolo is also used as a cooked must to obtain another incredible local excellence: the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI and the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO.