Wine and experience. Romagna on Instagram: glimpses, attractions, landscapes, unmissable places. Choose the right hashtag and post your pictures with a glass of wine in your hands. Each stop is a discovery awaiting you, and without having to use the bikes parked in front of our colorful doors. It will become a natural flowing series of snapshots that will immortalize that particular aspect which stirred your interest: #fromwhereyoustand. Chase the late summer sunsets, wait for the wisteria to bloom, search for that special ray of light along the less traveled routes. Behind each photo there lies a story to share. And for each story told, there is a smooth and memorable flowing sequence to be framed. Follow us, please do, the instagrammable way for you.

all the places to visit along this itinerary


The Basilica of San Vitale, The port of Ravenna, Theodoric Park, the streets in the city center. All the mosaics of Galla Placidia.


The murals that enrich the city from year to year thanks to Subsidenze – Ravenna’s Street Art Festival. Come discover unique art.


The salt pans and the flamingos that populate them, the canal, the streets of the city center.


Cervia’s salt is described as being among the sweetest. The flamingos that populate the salt pan migrate from Romagna to Sicily.

Marina di Ravenna

The valleys of the Po River to watch the sunsets. The sea which is picture perfect from Da Giumè Restaurant. HanaBi beach in Marina di Ravenna.


If you are looking for the perfect sunset array of colours, these are special places in which to find it.


Bucci Park: where you can walk among the animals. The city center squares; Piazza del Popolo and Piazza della Molinella with the well-known noble building Palazzo Milzetti. Stop at 19.86 Cafè for Federico Ercolino's cocktail drinks. O'Fiore Mio restaurant offers you classy foodporn and famous pizzas.


If you like textures and colours, take a tour of the ceramics and meet its artisans.


The sea, the fishermen's huts along the port canal, Piazza delle Conserve. Maré Cucina Caffè Spiaggia Bottega: the venue with striped cabins are a must to be striking on Instagram’s message board. The venue QuintoQuarto - piadina & affini: its piadinas (wraps) are delicious, and the interior design creates the perfect setting. Locanda Rowing: here, everything is a pleasure for the palate and the senses. Locanda Remare. Tutto è ricerca, per il palato e per gli occhi.


The Ferris wheel offers breathtaking snapshots, as does the old canal with the only floating marine museum in Cesenatico


The San Giuliano ex-fisherman’s Village with its painted murals. The Tiberian bridge. The Arch of Augustus. The Ferris wheel, the lighthouse and the boats at the port. People collecting clams on the beach with the low tide at dawn. The Grand Hotel seen from the beach. Piazza Fellini. The old Campari swing on the beach of Viserba. The bicycle path of Marecchia Park that extends to the rise of the valley. The Covered Market with all the food artisans.


The entire city was born as a great Roman colony, so if you walk through the streets of the center try to imagine that the port in ancient times, in Roman times, was located in Piazza Ferrara. Look for hidden treasures among the buildings in the center (the church of San Michelino in Foro). Stop for a culinary snack in Augusta’s Restaurant; take a photo with the teddy bear, in their vintage living room and with their private version of Romagna cuisine.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

The murals of Ericailcane and Eron. The Mutonia and the Mutoids sculptures. The sunset from Cappuccini Park, the streets of the historic center and the Arch of Clement XIV. The old fish market and Piazza Cavour. The venues Osteria Da Oreste and Santabago with a glass of wine. If you love the glories of an ancient theater, stop off at the Vermuteria Teatro Condomini cafè. If you’re looking for Romagna wines with authenticity complimented with cheese, cured meats and folktales, go to Girometti in via Don Minzoni.


A stroll in the historic center, look for the ancient granaries of the city, you’ll find more than 30. Follow the ceramic poems you find on the steps of the historic center. For those of you who love to get lost in never ending stories, on the steps in the center you’ll find the smallest museum you will ever see, it’s a room full of buttons. The owner deserves a portrait because of his vernacular stories of time narrated through buttons.


The volcano of Mount Busca. Venues: Osteria La Campanara, and Trattoria Monte Paolo.


Mount Busca has the smallest volcano in Italy. In reality, they are gaseous hydrocarbons discharges which burn continuously when they come into contact with oxygen. The flames of the so-called “burning fountain” create a particular enchantment.

Bagno di Romagna

The Casentinesi Forests.


Dawn in the forest where you will find deer and other wild animals. A glimpse of the Camaldoli monastery.


Piazza della Libertà with its horse fare tie ring on the Colonna dell'Ospitalità pillar. The noble building Palazzo Ordelaffi and the Clock Tower. Ca 'de Bè, La Favola dell'orto, La Svineria, and Casina Pontormo are among the most Instagram friendly restaurants.


Bertinoro has been called ‘The terrace of Romagna’ since ancient times for its panoramic view that stretches as far as the eye can see, not to mention the view of the lovely streets of the small center down below.


The square, one of the most beautiful in Italy. A silent stroll in the middle of the afternoon through the town which looks like the setting of a movie from another era. Paolo Tassinari’s Tasacasa interior design, The Osteria of Piazza Nuova, the ancient Convent of San Francesco.


The narrow alley called Via degli Amanti (Lover’s Lane) because it is inevitable not to kiss when it is taken with someone.


The square of Mondaino to see the Palio del Daino if you love historical settings that project you into the Italian version of Lord of the Rings. Its countryside is a UNESCO world heritage site.


In this valley, every place has a fortress set on a peak. Consider taking a short journey around Montefiore Conca and Montegridolfo starting from Riccione or Cattolica.

Poggio Torriana

The Madonna di Saiano sanctuary: from this sanctuary you can follow part of the Marecchia river. For photography nature lovers it can’t be skipped.


If you are a nature photography lover, don’t miss following part of the Marecchia river starting from the sanctuary and taking pictures along the way.


The medieval city, the village and the fortress. Don’t fail to stop at La Bottega Vineria Restaurant.


Here too you can follow the murals along the city streets.


The cabins and pedal boats by the sea, during the winter fogs and bright summers.


From here you can discover the surroundings with glimpses of Montefeltro, the fortress of Montefiore Conca, the murals and the village of Saludecio. Stop off at the La Siesta restaurant, you’ll find Instagram and fish stories.


Cattolica’s port for a stroll, and a touch of the past at the Kursaal Hotel that welcomed the first vacationers. If you love discovery, go to Porto Verde where you will find a small harbour forgotten over time, from here leave the car behind and continue on foot along the Conca river. This protected oasis offers you photos of unspoiled nature all the way uphill.


If you love sunrises, try an authentic soundscape experience in the oasis of the Conca Valley. It may be difficult to photograph a Kingfisher but his singing will keep you company.


Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy because its mural passages surround the fortress and then lead down to the various cafés scattered in the center. La Grotta Restaurant and Osteria del Guercinoro.


If you are looking for an on-the-road travel experience, take the train from the Brisighella train station to Florence and you will see unique landscapes go by as you pass through the villages of the heartland.


The square and its poticos, the market in the morning with all its customers, the Forzesca fortress. The San Domenico Restaurant.


There is a very peculiar neighborhood, the Osservanza complex, where one of the first asylums in Italy was created in 1890.


The historic village and the Tito Balestra Museum. If you have the unbridled desire to catalog the objects of yesteryear, visit the local museum. Just a few kilometers away, discover Roncofreddo, where you can stop off at the world renown Brancaleoni cheese pits. The Osteria dei Frati is the venue for you if you love a colorful garden and the hospitality of Romagna. Take a snapshot of the emotion on your plate.


Take a photograph in the courtyard of the Fortress with the village in the background, all in the company of the statues sitting on the wall which in the evening seem to come alive like living shadows.

Bagno di Romagna

A stroll through the ancient village with its characteristic walls that narrate the story of a temple of well-being. The majesty of the Casentinesi Forests.


Take a picture of the winter landscape lined with snow while you are soaking in a hot thermal water pool enjoying the view, or at dawn in the forest, where you will find deer and other wild animals. Catch a glimpse of the Camaldoli sanctuary.


Rocca delle Caminate Fortress: Between Predappio and Meldola, lies the fortress with interiors of unique beauty.


Did you know that this place houses all the academic spin-off projects of the University’s Engineering Techno-pole?


The square of Predappio Alta, the fortress and the wash house of the town. Stop at Locanda Appennino to taste an authentic Romagna dish.


Did you know that the women of the village still go to the municipal wash house to rinse their clothes?


If you collect timeless objects, you have to stop off in this small town and walk along in the streets of its center. Watch the precise hand movements of the craftsmen as they work on the canvases, the antique prints and fabrics of the past. Only a few kilometers away you can find unmissable free-range cuisine, the Trattoria dell'Autista in Savignano sul Rubicone. Or if you are more of a slightly glamorous Instagram lover, the Ossteria restaurant.


The Gambettola flea market is held twice a year, in September and May, so if you love vintage scooters and motorcycles this is the perfect place to collect snapshots of the past. If you like to sing Romagna Mia… just stop and ring the doorbell of the Casadei family in Savignano sul Rubicone, where you will find the family museum of the man who reinvented music.


If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, an abandoned place with an artistic soul, this is the place for you: the former streetcar and public bus depot in Forlì, currently the residence of the Città di Ebla theater company. Stop off at the Café Flora for a glass of wine, or at the Big Bar for a drink, a snapshot is guaranteed.


If you want to take an unusual picture in the city’s center, stop at Bosco’s flower shop, walk into a green forest and the family love of this historic city.

Mercato Saraceno

The small town on the Savio River that once held the cereal market. The landscape here is the perfect setting of your photos.


An excursion to Monte Sorbo for a picture suspended in time at the Pieve di Santa Maria Annunziata church.


Meet you in front of the Masini fountain? From there all the porticos up to the Malatesta Fortress are yours to enjoy with a few snapshots taken from venues such as Brodino, AcquaDolce, Vineria del Popolo, and Albizi.


Visit the Malatesta library and you’ll discover aspects to treasure.

San Mauro Pascoli

Take a stroll to Villa Torlonia in the cradle of the Pascoli area. The sea is only a few kilometers away for a lunch with a view of the umbrellas surrounding the Onda Blu venue.


If you’ve always heard talk of San Mauro Pascoli, then it’s time to discover it. Villa Torlonia is a natural stage, a portrait of the Romagna countryside.

Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole

Art deco: start at the spa’s park and then enter to discover art that reflects the splendor of the early 1900s and the magic the water holds.


Taking a selfie at the Entertainment Pavilion. If, on the other hand, you love fortresses, there’s a Malatesta fortress that awaits you on the hilltop.

Santa Sofia

The Ridracoli Dam Park in Santa Sofia.


The dam was built in the 1980s and the view is exceptional. They say that his place has fated origins for in the 2nd century AD, Trajan the emperor had the same idea of transporting the water from this area to supply the city of Ravenna.


The historic center, the village, the bridge and the old market. A taste of a land that crossbreeds the landscape with the woods and its valleys full of poetry. The valleys that surround it are simply a photographic poem.


If you love folklore with a photographic inspiration, at the end of September the tableaux vivants that narrate the life of the 1800s, are staged in Modigliana with food, wine and costumes of that period.

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